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Topic: Apollo missions

The Apollo missions were a series of spaceflight programs conducted by NASA that successfully landed astronauts on the Moon, marking a significant achievement in human space exploration.

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The podcast episodes provided discuss various aspects of the Apollo missions, including the training and preparation of astronauts for future lunar exploration under NASA's Artemis program, as well as the cultural and scientific significance of the Apollo program.

In the episode "Audio long read: How NASA astronauts are training to walk on the Moon in 2026", the focus is on the training and simulation exercises that NASA astronauts are currently undertaking in preparation for the Artemis III mission, which aims to send humans back to the Moon's surface in 2026.

The episode "Without the Moon, You Wouldn't Exist (Probably)" explores the broader cultural and scientific impact of the Apollo missions, which allowed humans to physically reach the Moon and gain a new perspective on Earth.

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