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Topic: App stores

App stores are digital platforms that allow users to discover, download, and purchase mobile applications, often operated by major technology companies like Apple and Google.

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The podcast episodes provided discuss the dominance and practices of the app store duopoly of Apple and Google, as well as the regulatory efforts to increase competition in this space.

For example, episode Stores of value: regulators lean on app vendors from The Economist Podcasts extensively examines the lucrative business model and market power of the app stores, and the regulatory attempts to address these issues.

Similarly, episode How Fortnite brought Google to its knees from The Indicator from Planet Money focuses on the legal battle between Epic Games and the tech giants over the app store policies and payment systems.

Other episodes, such as Apple terminates Epic Games account, Worldcoin gets banned in Spain, Celebrities sign anti-nuke letter from Discover Daily by Perplexity and Google's Legal Loss Could Change the App Store from Business Wars Daily, also delve into the ongoing legal disputes and regulatory scrutiny surrounding the app store ecosystem.

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