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Topic: Apparitions

Apparitions, or ghostly sightings, are supernatural phenomenon where a translucent or semi-visible form of a person or creature is perceived, often associated with paranormal activity.

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The podcast episodes discuss various accounts of apparitions and ghostly sightings, ranging from personal experiences to historical cases.

For example, in The Church Of Unhallowed Ground, the host describes encountering distinct apparitions like a playful aging boy ghost and a menacing 'scare taker' figure haunting a decommissioned church.

Similarly, in Your Terrifying Listener Stories Pt.2, the hosts read firsthand accounts from listeners detailing their sightings of ghostly apparitions, from shadowy figures to fully visible humanoid forms.

Other episodes, such as 7 TRUE Scary Stories of the Unexplained and TV Case Updates, also feature narratives of paranormal apparitions witnessed by various individuals.

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