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Topic: Apple Watch

The Apple Watch is a popular smartwatch that has evolved from a fashion accessory to a powerful health and fitness tracking device for many users.

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The two podcast episodes provided focus extensively on the Apple Watch, its development, impact, and relationship with the traditional watch industry.

In the first episode "Should AI Be Trusted With Grading Students' Work?", a significant portion of the episode discusses the use of the Apple Watch for medical tracking purposes by doctors and researchers.

The second episode, "Apple Watch vs Samsung | The Rise of Apple Watch with Steven Levy (Wired) & Cam Wolf (GQ) | 4", delves deeper into the evolution of the Apple Watch, from Jony Ive's initial vision of it as a must-have fashion accessory to its current role as a ubiquitous tool for many users. The episode also explores how the rise of the Apple Watch has impacted the traditional watch industry.

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