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AppSumo is a successful online business founded by Noah Kagan that provides software deals and resources for entrepreneurs.

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The podcast episodes provided focus on Noah Kagan's journey as the founder of AppSumo, a successful online business. The episodes discuss Kagan's experiences, strategies, and insights that have contributed to AppSumo's growth and success.

For example, episode 322: Noah Kagan - Early Stage Founder Hurdles & How to Jump Them covers Kagan's lessons on enjoying the entrepreneurial process, building relationships, embracing failure, and effectively communicating with customers. Another episode, These 5 Strategies Made Us $10m+ Each, outlines five specific strategies that generated over $10 million each for AppSumo, such as giveaways, creating their own software, and mastering email marketing.

These podcast episodes provide valuable insights into the entrepreneurial journey, the strategies and tactics used by AppSumo, and the experiences of its founder, Noah Kagan.

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