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Topic: April Fools' Day

April Fools' Day is an annual tradition of playing practical jokes and spreading hoaxes on the first day of April.

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The podcast episodes provided touch on the topic of April Fools' Day and the general dislike or distrust that some people have towards the holiday and its associated pranks and misinformation.

In Bookmark'd with Sara & Des episode #41, the hosts discuss their paranoia and distrust towards April Fools' jokes. Similarly, in Power User with Taylor Lorenz episode 'The Real Estate Content Boom + The Worst Day on the Internet', Taylor Lorenz expresses her dislike for April Fools' Day and the spread of disinformation on that day.

The Monday Morning Podcast 4-1-24 episode features host Bill Burr speculating humorously on the potential origins and history of April Fools' Day. The Morning Brew Daily episode 291 also acknowledges the significance of April 1st as April Fools' Day, particularly in relation to the launch of Gmail.

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