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Topic: Activism

Activism is the deliberate action or effort to bring about social, political, economic, or environmental change through organized efforts and campaigns.

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The podcast episodes provided cover a wide range of activist movements and causes, highlighting the diverse and multifaceted nature of activism.

Several episodes feature discussions on environmental activism, such as efforts to revitalize the Los Angeles River A River Runs Through Los Angeles, and the activism of groups like Friends of the Los Angeles River in raising awareness and driving policy changes.

The episodes also explore activism related to housing and urban issues, including the critique of market-based solutions and advocacy for decommodification of housing, tenant protections, and community empowerment 315 - Supply Supply Supply (w/Kate Willett).

Other episodes delve into the role of activism in addressing social and political issues, such as the fight for democracy and the importance of self-care for effective activism SLoC: Mollie Katzen - Bread, Butter and Deep Breaths, as well as the use of activism to challenge oppressive systems and promote social justice Super Soul Special: Amandla Stenberg: My Authenticity is my Activism.

The podcasts also cover activist movements related to LGBTQ+ rights, racial justice, and environmentalism, showcasing the intersectional nature of many activist efforts.

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