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Topic: Aging and life stages

Aging and life stages encompass the experiences and perspectives related to various phases of life, from dating and relationships to personal growth and self-discovery.

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The podcast episodes provided cover various aspects of aging and life stages, with a particular focus on the challenges and opportunities of dating and relationships in the later stages of life.

In the episode 'Living it Up with Natascha Hardee | Golden Hour', pro-aging coach Natascha Hardy discusses the importance of emotional intelligence, communication, and self-acceptance when navigating the dating scene later in life.

The episode 'Our Golden Joan is Here' features three Bachelor contestants in their golden years candidly sharing their personal experiences and advice on finding love and companionship as they age.

Additionally, the episode 'Mark Duplass on Making Money, Mental Health and Midlife' explores filmmaker Mark Duplass' perspective on aging, shifting priorities, and finding fulfillment in his career and personal life.

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