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Topic: Alcoholism

Alcoholism is a chronic, relapsing brain disease characterized by compulsive alcohol use, loss of control over alcohol intake, and a negative emotional state when not using.

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The podcast episodes provided cover a wide range of perspectives and experiences related to alcoholism, highlighting its impact on individuals, families, and communities.

Several episodes, such as 04/07/2024, 03/07/2024, and I Lash Out at Those I Love the Most, delve deep into the struggles of specific characters, such as Alice and Kyle, as they grapple with alcoholism and its rippling effects on their relationships and personal lives.

Other episodes, like Recover your Power Pt 3 and Am I to Blame for His Depression?, examine alcoholism from a broader perspective, exploring the dynamics of narcissistic abuse, the impact on mental health, and the challenges of recovery and healing.

The diverse range of narratives and experiences presented in these episodes underscores the complex and multifaceted nature of alcoholism, providing valuable insights and perspectives for understanding and addressing this pervasive issue.

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