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Topic: Amazon

Amazon is a dominant e-commerce giant and technology conglomerate that has revolutionized online shopping, cloud computing, and various other industries through its innovative products, services, and aggressive business tactics.

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The podcast episodes discussed cover a wide range of topics related to Amazon, from its 30th anniversary and growth as a tech giant to its business strategies, market dominance, and impact on various industries.

Several episodes, such as Leader of the package: Amazon turns 30, Amazon Crosses $2 Trillion Market Cap, Micron Shares Fall After Earnings, and Amazon Wants Your Handprint, focus on Amazon's milestones, innovations, and expansion into new technologies like biometrics.

Other episodes, such as Molson Hart makes his living selling toys on Amazon but says the company is taking a large chunk of sales. Is Jeff Bezos fair to small businesses? and TikTok Ban Approaches, China's App Crackdown, and Guest Dana Mattioli, delve into Amazon's business practices and their impact on smaller sellers, as well as the company's growing influence and regulatory scrutiny.

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