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Topic: American imperialism

American imperialism refers to the historical expansion and domination of the United States over other nations, often driven by economic and geopolitical interests.

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The podcast episodes provided discuss various aspects of American imperialism, including its historical manifestations, its impact on global affairs, and critical perspectives on its exploitative and nefarious nature.

For instance, the episode 'Snipers Saw Trump Assassin 3 Times Before Shooting & Did NOTHING! Said He "DISAPPEARED"!' explores the author Matt Kennard's views on the exploitative and imperialist tendencies of the United States, while 'Russian Nuclear Sub & Navy Group Skim FLORIDA, US On HIGH ALERT, New Cuban Missile Crisis Feared' discusses the American military-industrial complex's role in perpetuating conflicts that do not serve the interests of the American people.

Other episodes, such as 'The Rise and Fall of the Panama Canal' and 'American Elections: 1896', examine the historical context of American imperialism, including its impact on infrastructure development and domestic politics.

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