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Topic: Ancient history

Ancient history encompasses the study of human civilizations and cultures from the dawn of recorded time to the fall of the Western Roman Empire in 476 CE.

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The podcast episodes cover a wide range of topics related to ancient history, from mythological narratives and archaeological discoveries to philosophical and religious teachings that have left a lasting impact.

For example, episodes explore the gender-bending Greek myth of Heracles and Omphale 'SPECIAL! Gender Rebels of Greek Mythology: Heracles x Omphale by Ancient History Fangirl', the ancient mystery of the Tower of Babel 'EP: 232 The Tower of Babel with Dr. Judd Burton', and debates surrounding the reliability of historical sources, as seen in the discussion of Thales of Miletus and the Battle of the Eclipse 'Thales and the Battle of the Eclipse'.

Other episodes delve into ancient civilizations and their technological and cultural achievements, such as the First Persian Empire 'The First Persian Empire', the excavation of ancient Greek scrolls from Mount Vesuvius 'AI Unlocks Ancient Greek Scrolls Destroyed by Mt Vesuvius', and the mysterious megalithic structures of Malta '551: Giants of Malta | Evidence the Ancient Builders are Hiding Underground'.

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