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Topic: Animal models

Animal models play a crucial role in biomedical research, allowing for the study of complex biological processes and the development of new therapies.

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The podcast episodes discussed demonstrate the significance of animal models in various fields of research, including neuroscience, aging, gut microbiome, and drug development.

For example, the episode 'Heir tight: why boomers are so stingy' explores the use of animal models in menstruation research due to the lack of menstruating animal models, while the episode '#303 - A breakthrough in Alzheimer's disease: the promising potential of klotho for brain health, cognitive decline, and as a therapeutic tool for Alzheimer's disease' discusses the importance of mouse and primate models in studying the effects of klotho on cognitive function and neurodegenerative diseases.

Similarly, the episode 'Is Aging a Disease? Epigenetics with David Sinclair' highlights the use of animal models like mice, monkeys, and cell cultures in epigenetic research and the development of anti-aging therapies, and the episode 'Do gut microbes control your personality? - Kathleen McAuliffe' demonstrates the use of 'bubble mice' without gut microbes to study the influence of the microbiome on behavior and mental health.

These examples illustrate the central role of animal models in a wide range of biomedical research and their importance in translating findings from the laboratory to potential clinical applications.

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