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Topic: Animal Studies

Animal studies provide valuable insights into various scientific fields, serving as important models for understanding biological processes and testing interventions.

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The podcast episodes provided cover various aspects of animal studies, including the use of animal models in scientific research, the cultural perceptions and representations of animals, and the ethical considerations surrounding human-animal relationships.

For example, the episode How psychedelics can reinvent learning discusses experiments involving dosing animals like octopuses and mice with psychedelics to study their potential therapeutic effects, which is a key area of animal studies research. Similarly, the episode Humans and Aquatic Animals in Early Modern America and Africa explores the historical and cultural interactions between humans and aquatic creatures, contributing to the field of animal studies from a humanities perspective.

The podcast episodes demonstrate the interdisciplinary nature of animal studies, drawing from fields such as biology, psychology, history, and environmental studies to understand the complex dynamics between humans and other animals.

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