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Topic: Advocacy

Advocacy is the act of supporting a cause or issue through active promotion, education, and mobilization.

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The topic of advocacy is prominently featured across the podcast episodes, showcasing a diverse range of advocacy efforts and the impact they can have on individuals, communities, and society.

Several episodes highlight personal advocacy journeys, such as Victoria Garrick Browne's work as a mental health advocate, Chloe Cole's advocacy against the medicalization of gender-confused youth, and Samantha Lander's advocacy for recovery and sobriety.

Other episodes focus on advocacy for systemic change, including mothers' advocacy efforts for gun control in Tennessee, advocacy against the Supreme Court's ruling on bump stocks, and the Washington Multifamily Housing Association's advocacy for effective housing policies.

The podcast also features episodes highlighting the importance of advocacy in various fields, such as environmental advocacy against chemical toxins, advocacy for community health workers in Africa, and advocacy for undocumented students in STEM fields.

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